Padure comes to Rivington Street


If you haven’t already seen our newest work of art by Padure, or our mushroom by Christiaan Nagel, come and check them out. Padure is also headed our head Friday and Saturday from 12noon for an exhibition at Bedroom Bar. Free entry, so come along and check out some of his stuff!

Padure is a Romanian visual communicator and creative explorer involved in exhibiting painting ,illustration and street art. Drawing is a way of understanding the world and expressing identity. He enjoys creating unexpected characters, a combination of real human, animals, plants and infinite possibilities. His images, often involve dark themes and are strongly influenced by classic illustration, cartoons, mythology, everyday life and society’s subcultures.

Padure’s universe is a journey of self discovery and graphic fantasy, meant to provide an escape from the consuming society that we are living. A way of experience and explore realities one step away from our waking life, sharing freely culture.