New Exhibition: TOBY MASON

Toby “fotobes” Mason uses old school cameras to generate his own iconic cinematic style, Fotobes’ limited edition work is extremely collectable and resonates with our desire for something tangible that echoes an everyday pace of life.

Born out of the underground film camera scene and often involving themes linking music, graffiti, daytrippers and momentary quiet contemplation, Fotobes is known for his colourful ‘of our time’ style and representation. Having accrued a worldwide cult following who recognise the beauty of film photography and the rarity of capturing the essence of noughties culture without digital tampering, Fotobes is now exhibiting his work at a selection of venues in city locations, initially London and hometown Brighton.

The collection ‘Underground London’ is currently at BB, where a selection of limited edition wooden block-mounted photographs are available for sale. Speaking a new visual language, atmospheric, and almost always colourful: as a photographer Fotobes speaks directly to this generation.

Using Russian Lomography cameras and working with 35mm film, these bright splashes of colour stand out perfectly against our bricked walls. “Some images evoke giddy feelings of life sped up. Others the tranquility and relaxation of life slowed down. But all of them remind that it’s the little things in life, the small moments – the changing seasons and the chance sightings – that can be the most moving.” T Mason To view more of Fotobes’ work, visit:

Praise for Fotobes: “Classic shots all round: Suspense and drama! An outrageously good photographer with a real eye for a quirky moment and a knack for wringing emotion out of a little snippet of cross processed film. Genius.”