Best Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain & Neck Relief [Dec. 2018]

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Review Guide: 10 Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain According to Consumer Reports 2018

Osaki OS-4000Massage Chair

  • Comes with various color options
  • Large Distribution and Service Network
  • Six auto programs with 46 airbags

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

  • FDA/TUV Certified
  • Whole body massager with five different color options
  • Eight Auto programs with 100 airbags

Irest massage chair – great for lower back pain

Massage chair industry has grown from a once monopolized market to a full grown market with more than 50 brands selling high-quality massage chairs with extra features today.

It is essential to understand the product well before its purchase and with products like these, the time needed to comprehend it is a lot more than purchasing any other electronics item online.

We perform extensive market research and bring you a nice compilation of all features of every product categorizing it by its functionality, style, durability, extras available, warranty and service options.

The specification table that comes with every review enables you to get more information about the product and helps you become an informed buyer. We have reviewed a wide range of products from leading brands at varied prices to cater to the vast spectrum of audience.

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Pros and Cons of a Top Massage Chair for Home Use

pros / consOur website gives a holistic view of the entire market with our ratings that are derived from the user feedback and compiled using simple language that will be easy to understand. We scoop lots of information regarding what people are considering the best massage chair, Wellness Wires reviews & guide seems to be the great resource to start learning about type of chair that are good for lower back pain and neck pain.

From unending conferences, long working hours to troublesome kids at home, We as modern day men and women, go through so much in our daily lives that it is high time we pause and take a while to pamper ourselves.

Massage therapy began as a healing therapy 5000 years ago in Egypt and China to heal injuries, relieve pain and slowly found its way in relieving stress and easing mental tension.

Today, even though massage therapy has advanced to high levels, the number of people going to a massage center is reducing as they do not find the time. This is where the commercial market paved its way to massage chairs which blended technology with a therapeutic massage that users could avail sitting at home.

Features to consider before buying a Full Body Massage Chair


When looking for a massage chair, the most important feature to look for is the massaging technique used by the chair. Most commonly found combinations of massaging techniques are Shiatsu, Acupressure, Chiropractic and Swedish.

These techniques represent the “feel” of a massage that includes rolling, tapping, kneading, stretching, and compression. Massages must be chosen with a lot of care and considerations for the body structure and its requirements. Some might need reliable and powerful massages while some may require only light vibrations. Acupressure, on the other hand, is not suitable for all body types.

Also, with advancement in technology, the latest models give an absolute human hand massaging experience in every massage cycle, and it is necessary to understand the technique behind those massaging experiences.

Zero Gravity Positioning

Some people ask can massage chairs hurt your back?

Recline angle is the next thing you would need to look at before picking on your favorite massage chair. Some chairs have a reclining angle of up to 180 degrees. Some have auto reclining with extra cushions to support the shoulders.

And, Zero gravity, in simple words, is a formula that calculates the recline angle and the foot-rest in such a way that the feet of the user are aligned with the heart that leads to the greater circulation of blood between the upper part and lower part of the body. Chairs with zero gravity are usually pricey, and those with a tight budget tend to miss out on this feature. However, many Japanese brands like Panasonic has some zero gravity chairs that are available at lower price points.

Pre-Set Programs

It is essential to know how many pre-set programs does the massage chair have since setting custom programs each time you sit through a message cycle can be annoying. Pre-Set Memory feature could be considered a luxury since not many chairs offer them at low prices. Though generic, these preset programs are a combination of best massage techniques at maximum intensity for a holistic experience. Many times these programs work like a charm and will suit your body type like as if they are custom made for you. So make sure you check out for these before you make your choice.

Rollers/Air Bags

The length and the number of rollers quite literally represent the number of fingers and hands working on your back. More the number of rollers and the higher the range, the better it is. This does not mean that massage chairs without rollers are any worse as they work on vibration technology which is different from the technology used by chairs with rollers. Shiatsu and Acupressure are some of the techniques that require rollers since it requires tapping, kneading, compression and gripping movements which are enhanced with rollers. Some of the best chairs have a massage stroke equal to or greater than 30 inches which means it entirely covers your back and gives a very powerful massage.

Head/Foot Rest

Along with rollers, airbags act like the cushions that hug the body contours and ensure maximum comfort. Just like the rollers, the higher the number of airbags the better it is. It is necessary to evaluate the amount of rollers/airbags present in a massage chair before you buy.

Now when you think of a massage, you need to question what category of user you belong to. Are you someone looking for a targeted back massage or full body treatment? If you belong to the latter group, then make sure you check the presence of both head and footrest. Some chairs do not have an extended headrest. Both head and footrest play a vital role in your overall massaging experience.

What we have found is that users who purchase chairs without footrest intend to save money by doing so and end up feeling dissatisfied later. Some advanced chairs have specific massage programs for neck and shoulder massage through the headrest while others offer exclusive leg massage with compression and stretching that have been reviewed on a very high scale by the users. The price range varies accordingly to ensure you get what you pay for by carefully reading the features.


The luxury league of massage chairs offers this feature. These are on the higher price range, but the experience has been invariably rated as unmatched by all the users who have had a chance to sit through even one massage cycle with 3D scan technology.

So, what is a 3D scan?

Well, it is a body scanner that reads the curve of your spine, your height, weight, and all other parameters to determine the intensity and the frequency of the massage that your body needs. This feature is usually accompanied by memory feature which stores the settings so that it knows when you sit on the chair the next time.

So if you do not mind spending a little more for a royal tailor-made massage, make sure you pick a massage chair that has this feature.


One of the first things on the checklist is the power consumption when it comes to any large duty purchase.

Power consumption varies widely depending upon the number of features available in the massage chair.

Some of the extra features include LED lights and cup coolers.

The typical power consumption (during full mode operation) for a good massage chair should be anywhere between 120W to 170W and check this out before you open your wallet.

Massage Chair Brands Reviews


One of the leading brands in the Massage chair industry, Panasonic has a reputation for being the best for over 40 years now. It is known for growing with time and evolving the best of what technology has to offer.

The range of products it provides is extensive catering to the needs of a large variety of users. Panasonic has maintained its numero uno position for being the most customer-friendly and responsible brand in Massage chair market in the USA.


Sanyo is a subsidiary of Panasonic (Post acquisition in 2010) that also manufactures Massage chairs under the brand name of Sanyo. Most chairs purchased from Sanyo are known for its high-quality manufacturing and functionality. Users rarely complain about its functioning and services. The feather in its cap is the low priced products. So those who cannot afford a high-end Panasonic chair could experiment with Sanyo.

Human Touch

Winner of International CES Innovations award, Human touch is one of the companies that dedicates itself to bring together the best of technology and therapeutic sciences to present its range of powerful massage chairs. Human Touch Massage chairs are known for their stylish exteriors. The chairs look classy and make their ways into living rooms royally while soothing your senses with the perfect massage.


Japan’s premium brand of massage chairs, Osaki continues to serve the massaging industry with its excellent products that are designed keeping in mind the needs of the people and their wellbeing. Osaki is known for its robotic massage chairs engineered with acupressure techniques of massage that provide significant relief from sore backs and shoulder pains. Their price range bracket is also quite large encompassing a large number of people with varied interests.


As the name suggests, Homelegance strives to bring that extra charm to your interior décor with its excellent collection of products including Massage chairs. The Jimmy collection by Home elegance is talked about for its lush upholstery and grand appeal. While most Massage chairs focused on improvising on technology staking the appearance, Homelegance introduced the current new feature of LED lights and cup coolers that will make your massaging experience a cool one!. Affordable pricing, great comfort, outstanding customer service, and intense massage therapy – there is nothing more you could ask!


Infinity a.k. A Infinite Therapeutics is a division of Infinite Creative Enterprises which has over 20 years of experience in massage chair technology. Infinity offers a range of massage chairs that are built with a robust intricate framework that support and sustain massages for a long time.

The Infinity team is counted amongst the outliers regarding total presales to post sales assistance to users and dealers across the globe. User ratings have been consistently above average for Infinity products.


Leading shiatsu massage chair makers in the industry, Inada has made its way up into customer’s priority list with two product lines, Cognos-Dream wave, and Yu-Mi.

The full recline angle and super soft cushiony upholstery combined with a power packed full body massage and an exciting range of colors to funk up your interiors, makes Inada a personal favorite of many.

Inner Balance

Inner Balance is a division of Johnson Health Tech and has more than 30 years of experience in the world of therapeutic massage chairs and is exceptionally focused on providing nothing less than the best for its customers.

Driven by its motto of contributing to the wellness and health of the people, Inner balance offers a wide range of sleek and compact massage chairs to alleviate back pain with high levels of advancement in technology for home or office space at average to high price ranges.

Final Fords: How effective are massage chairs?

A best massage chair recliner can effectively increase blood circulation, reduces the blood pressure and and can lower person’s pulse (die to relaxation effect) . It is highly effective in providing deep relaxation from work-related stress. These best massage chairs for your neck and back health can help to promote a well-being and your spine health.

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