New Exhibition: TOBY MASON

Toby “fotobes” Mason uses old school cameras to generate his own iconic cinematic style, Fotobes’ limited edition work is extremely collectable and resonates with our desire for something tangible that echoes an everyday pace of life.

Born out of the underground film camera scene and often involving themes linking music, graffiti, daytrippers and momentary quiet contemplation, Fotobes is known for his colourful ‘of our time’ style and representation. Having accrued a worldwide cult following who recognise the beauty of film photography and the rarity of capturing the essence of noughties culture without digital tampering, Fotobes is now exhibiting his work at a selection of venues in city locations, initially London and hometown Brighton.

The collection ‘Underground London’ is currently at BB, where a selection of limited edition wooden block-mounted photographs are available for sale. Speaking a new visual language, atmospheric, and almost always colourful: as a photographer Fotobes speaks directly to this generation.

Using Russian Lomography cameras and working with 35mm film, these bright splashes of colour stand out perfectly against our bricked walls. “Some images evoke giddy feelings of life sped up. Others the tranquility and relaxation of life slowed down. But all of them remind that it’s the little things in life, the small moments – the changing seasons and the chance sightings – that can be the most moving.” T Mason To view more of Fotobes’ work, visit:

Praise for Fotobes: “Classic shots all round: Suspense and drama! An outrageously good photographer with a real eye for a quirky moment and a knack for wringing emotion out of a little snippet of cross processed film. Genius.”

Padure comes to Rivington Street


If you haven’t already seen our newest work of art by Padure, or our mushroom by Christiaan Nagel, come and check them out. Padure is also headed our head Friday and Saturday from 12noon for an exhibition at Bedroom Bar. Free entry, so come along and check out some of his stuff!

Padure is a Romanian visual communicator and creative explorer involved in exhibiting painting ,illustration and street art. Drawing is a way of understanding the world and expressing identity. He enjoys creating unexpected characters, a combination of real human, animals, plants and infinite possibilities. His images, often involve dark themes and are strongly influenced by classic illustration, cartoons, mythology, everyday life and society’s subcultures.

Padure’s universe is a journey of self discovery and graphic fantasy, meant to provide an escape from the consuming society that we are living. A way of experience and explore realities one step away from our waking life, sharing freely culture.



Our WHITE MINK ELECTRO SWING NYE SPEAKEASY SPECTACULAR is back! And we’ve got a super competition lined up!

First thing’s first, there will be a treasure hunt come new year’s eve… hidden in Bedroom Bar there will be ONE PAIR OF TICKETS TO CARAVAN PALACE for their UK show in May 2013. It was a complete sell out in London & Brighton this year, so it’s certainly one you want to get your hands on. So arrive early & begin the search for the golden tickets!

There will also be complimentary cocktails, so come on down and catch the cocktails whilst they last on the 31st December.

And now, let’s get on to the competition business, up for grabs:




Heineken Star Cabs

star cab

Love a good night out?

There’s nothing like spending the evening with friends, sampling the different vibes of London’s many bars, pubs and clubs.

But on a cold winter’s night, dragging around the streets from bar to bar in the rain can be an unappealing prospect to say the least. Luckily, big-name beer brand Heineken is bringing you an event that could change all that…

Star Cabs aims to give party-loving night owls the chance to experience more of what the best city in the world has to offer… in comfort and style!

This Heineken event runs on the first Saturday night of every month until December, and there are bars and pubs all round London taking part – from Notting Hill to Brixton, Camden to Clapham and of course, Bedroom Bar! So put on your glad rags and get yourself over here to be in with a chance of having a night to remember.

Here’s how it works: Get a gaggle of mates together and start your night in one of the bars involved in the Heineken competition.

Make sure to get there between 6pm and 10pm, and order a Heineken beer from the bar. The staff will give you a secret URL, where you can apply to get the Star Cabs treatment. If you’re successful, you’ll be shown to a host who will take you to your cab and you’ll be jetting off around London in the warm and dry.

You’ll get free entry or queue-jumping rights to one of the participating venues. It’s as easy as that. The aim of the Heineken Star Cabs is to ‘open London’, and give its residents and visitors a night to remember in one of its many great bars or pubs. The city is full to the brim with fantastic night haunts that even long-term Londoners might not have explored, so we think Star Cabs is a really phenomenal opportunity.

To find out more about Heineken Star Cabs and how you can get involved, check out their website at

Bedroom Bar Partner Up with Landscaping Service Company

Landscaping Service

Late September and Early October is that our transition from summer to autumn, which is natural to begin with to enjoy cooler autumn weather. Fall is an excellent season to devote more time. That is where Landscaping Services come in.

Back in September, a lot of us begin to bring plantings to policy for a fall color change of blossoms to execute a landscaping job. Fall landscape projects provide you the advantage of sufficient time out doors to have the upgrade, with the light autumn, spring and winter of the region.

As soon as it is really a fantastic time to begin projects and aim to the autumn, early September remains usually very hot , so do not forget the fundamentals of summer landscape maintenance: water suitably, ensure you’ve got the appropriate amount of compost, also keep upon the maintenance of one’s landscape.

Landscaping Services at Bedroom Bar


Landscaping ServiceWe will assess on your irrigation strategy while providing landscaping services in Dallas at a reasonable cost to you.  Ensure it’s working correctly and most of types have been watered the right frequency and at the right level. Shrubs and your yards need about a inch of water each week.

Regional authorities have water restrictions in place, which means you only a day and can be in a position to warm water weekly. Watering your lawn trees and plants ought to be adequate, but water. Frequent watering doesn’t promote a strong root system. Water your yards from morning if at all possible, since this prevents evaporation of water. Please telephone us In the event you have to assess, repair or upgrade your irrigations system. We’ve licensed technicians to help maintain your landscape.


Check to be certain that you have 34 inches of superior mulch on your beds and all over all over trees and young trees. Mulch delivers advantages of the plants. It prevents evaporation also arouses water. Mulch reduces this soil’s warmth.

Dirt could exceed. Mulch may lower this soil’s temperature from up to 10 degrees upto several inches. Mulch can help prevent weeds, which compete along with plants for water.


Very top looking lawns are people which can be mowed regularly. Every 5 to seven days continue grasses. Bermuda ought to be kept in whereas St Augustine in 3 to 3-1/2 inches from the colour and 2-1/2 inches from sunlight. Keep mower blades sharp, and also …